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  • Hot Rod autos shipping from The United Kingdom, USA & Australia to New Zealand.
  • USA-wide via Los Angeles depot for International Shipping.
  • Coast-to-Coast Hot Rods collections available.
  • We offer a no-obligation, FREE quotation service.

Hot Rod shipping to New Zealand

Safe & Secure Hot Rods Shipping

Often Hot Rods have been built by specialised teams therefore they need a specialised team to handle the shipping of them too.

FPS will project manage the shipping aspect of your build, ensuring costs don’t blow out and your dream arrives in the best condition possible.

Our team of freight professionals will guide you through all requirements, both before shipping and on arrival into New Zealand. Through our network of agents worldwide, we can assist with shipping your Hot Rod around the world.

If you are buying a complete vehicle or having one built, we can assist with inspections, collections and escrow as needed, as well as the usual shipping and arrival procedures.

from the USA

from the United Kingdom

from Australia

to New Zealand

Why choose FPS to ship your Hot Rod?

Finding a safe and reliable Hot Rod shipping service can be time-consuming, frustrating and extremely expensive. It’s also not necessary. We have imported over 3,000 vehicles of all shapes and sizes from the USA, UK, Australia and countries all over the world.

With the help of our specialist hot rod shipping experts, you’ll avoid all those common importing mistakes and pitfalls, and save yourself $$$ in the process. Our new enhanced service with better communications results in a hot rod shipping service at an altogether higher level, an affordable level that you’ll only find at FPS.



Upon arrival at our facility in NZ, your hot rod will be unpacked, Customs Cleared, MPI inspected and treated in our on-site MPI approved facility and by our experienced team at Famous Pacific Shipping.

Hot Rod Shipping FAQs 

Here are answers to the most common questions we get asked about hot road shipping services to New Zealand

Can you ship Hot Rod that is inoperable?

Yes – our team works with all vehicles individually, so if not operating, then we will simply manage them by hand to avoid any damages or issues. We do not use fork hoists on vehicles.

Which parts of the US do you ship from?

FPS works with a network of transport companies ex the US, so we can uplift Hot Rods from any state in the US, to bring the vehicles down to our California based depot for loading to NZ.

Is original registration paperwork required to export vehicles?

Yes – from the USA & the UK. From the USA we require the certificate of title (Pink slip) and a Bill of Sale to present to US Customs for export formalities. From the UK, the V5 must be presented and the vehicle deregistered prior to export. 

What if my car is from a state that does not issue titles?

There are some states which did not issue titles for classic cars. These states are:

  • Alabama
  • Connecticut
  • Georgia
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • New York
  • Vermont

If your vehicle originates from any of the above states, and it was never issued a title you must provide a notarized bill of sale.

Can you arrange a collection of my Hot Rod from the seller?

Yes – if you provide us the details of the seller, we can get our specialised teams in the country of origin to confirm individual pricing per vehicle.

Can FPS arrange insurance?

Yes – our insurance is arranged independently through our brokers, and all policies are individualised to the importer of the vehicle. This insurance covers the vehicle from loading into the container/on the ship to unpacking on arrival in NZ, and everything in between.

What is Escrow Service?

Escrow is a service in which the payment for the vehicle is made to a guaranteed recipient by the buyer, and this recipient then represents the buyer and checks the vehicle and all numbers etc at the time of collection of the vehicle and makes the payment to the seller on behalf of the buyer once all confirmed.

This ensures additional security for overseas buyers, knowing the vehicle and all details are as advised to them by the seller.

I haven’t imported before, can FPS assist to arrange all clearances on arrival?

FPS has an in-house Customs Clearance team, specialising in all Border Clearances formalities required when importing a vehicle into NZ.

Do I need to pay Tax & Duty on arrival? Who to?

GST is applicable on all imported vehicles arriving into NZ at 15% of the cost of the vehicle, plus freight, plus insurance. Duty is not applicable on vehicles, but some parts do attract duty. GST & Duty is paid to NZ Customs by FPS on your behalf, and this will be included in your final invoice.

Does FPS complete compliance also?

No, FPS complete all border formalities, including the New Zealand Transport Agency Border Check (verifying the VIN number of the vehicle). Vehicle compliance needs to be completed by an Entry Certifier, contact your local representative to discuss this further.

Clients Testimonials

Before you make a decision, read what our customers say about us

I recently bought a 1968 Ford Mustang in the USA. A friend recommended using FPS.

I had never imported a car from the USA before but I felt relaxed and at ease knowing they would take care of all the paperwork and container freight. Read More

Leith Wilkie - Auckland, New Zealand

FPS freight services are friendly caring people that offer helpful and cost-effective methods of not only shipping cars, parts but also goods to all places around the world. My experiences with FPS have been simple and efficient with all freight movements... Read More

Roger - Auckland, New Zealand

The car is now sitting safely at home in my garage. Thank you and your team so much for making this car shipping a smooth and painless process. I would definitely recommend Famous Pacific Shipping to anyone who wants to ship from New Zealand to Australia. Read More

Graeme Lemin - Melbourne, Australia

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